Weather Channel App for iPhone Gets a Face Lift…

The Weather Channel App for IPhone gets a Face Lift…
Just recently The Weather Channel has released version 5.0 of it’s Weather Channel app for the iPhone. Reviews are mixed, but compared to previous versions, this is definitely an improvement with a lot more features.
Voiceover Enhancements

One of the first things I noticed upon launching the app other than the lack of slowness and jerky response was the enhancement for voiceover. Things read out easier and the app did not crash, although according to some the app did crash on their devices. Usually that can be prevented by simply unloaded unneeded apps and/or other media off of your device. For once, everything was accessible within the weather channel interface. The videos were accessible, as well as all relevant data that the app claimed to offer. I was able to add my home location, view poline and tropical update reports and more.

I am very pleased with this update and I hope to see this kind of progression with the weather channel app in the near future.


~ by DJ GFire on May 19, 2012.

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