Make Disciples of All Nations: Converts vs. Christians

Make Disciples of All Nations: Converts vs. Christians

                About three years ago, I became a convert to Christianity. Sound confusing already? Some would say, “But if you were a believer of Jesus Christ, wouldn’t that make you saved?” and I would respond no to that. I strived to learn all about Jesus, his history and also the history of Christianity. I wanted to know every direction of the handbook and the golden rule. However, it would be much later before I actually became a Christian. This is because I suffered from something I would like to call a lack of discipleship. I was like an orthodox Jew. I knew the law and knew it well, but there was no application. My musical tastes stayed the same, as well as my mentality on life and my system of values.


Salvation came a year later, but it was something I grew into after being disciple. When I was converted to Christianity, I earnestly cried out to Jesus to start out with a clean slate, but my relationship with him ended that Sunday evening. My perception of him at that time was somewhat like how some view a welfare office. You go to God when there is no one else to look to. Don’t get me wrong, God loves a broken and contrite spirit, but I truly believe that that is not the life he wants us to live; always broken and empty and heavy burdened. Firstly he said that he came so that we might live life more abundantly. He also said that his yolk is easy and his burden is light. Peter wrote, “Cast your cares upon him, for he loves and cares for you.”


So, as I said before, my discipleship started sometime after my conversion to Christianity. Those that attempted to disciple me, from my girlfriend’s pastor at the time, to my girlfriend and now wife to her mother were met with stiff rejection from me. To me, Christianity was interesting, but it was not to be taken completely literally. The bible wasn’t the book of life then, it was merely the Good Book. It was merely a good book.


Eventually people started getting through, and the first to go was my music, and this came through the birth of my daughter and a revelation from God. Sitting in the hospital with my nieces, my wife and a few others, we were watching 106 and Park  on BET. Suddenly, whether a vision or merely my imagination, I saw my two-day-old daughter at sixteen being exploited. I saw her on a stripper pole and having a crude reputation. After those thoughts ran through my mind, my stomach began to turn, and I turned to my nieces and asked them a question. I asked them, “How can you listen to this and watch this and not feel disrespected?” From that point on, I made it my business to go straight gospel. This was five months after I had gotten saved, and six months of people trying to disciple me.


However, the music wasn’t all that needed to go, because I’ve met folks that could listen to gospel all day, including myself and still have the same mindset. Gospel music did help to clear my vision though, and gave God a medium to work with me through music. God knew that was where my heart was, and that’s what he used to get my attention. Then I started coming to bible study.


To shorten it up for you, this lead to me doing my best trying to disciple people through internet radio through a show called The Ultimate Praise Party. I wanted that show to play just about every type of gospel music and still do, that way everyone can be disciple. A year or so later, I along with my friend Tina started an internet radio station by the name of Total Praise Radio which embraces discipleship through top-notch Christian quality programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


My moral to the story and the thesis is that discipleship is the key component of bringing people into the fold and turning them from not just converts, but into Christian individuals with a God-given purpose. When we think of celebrities like Whittney Houston, we think of what an asset she could’ve been to the kingdom of God, to let it be known that it is perfectly ok to be Christian, black and beautiful. Imagine what an effect that would’ve had. If you saw her funeral, you would believe that she loved Jesus at one time, and I believe she did as a child. However, there was just one small but yet enormous problem: she was not disciple. Discipleship is a lifelong process and it does not just happen through Christians and they are not the only ones to be concentrated on. Jesus said in Matthew 28 verse 19 to make disciples of all nations. Let us make disciples today and from now on in our neighborhoods, our schools and our communities. Starting small makes a big difference. Start making disciples today, and if you are not yet a Christian, come into the fold. We’ll love the pain out of you through the power of God and we will disciple you. Need a home? Come to my church, or let God lead you where you should go. He will do so. Thanks for reading.



~ by DJ GFire on April 3, 2012.

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