Devotional: Where Would I be Without Jesus?

Jesus is the True Replacement to the Law

I just wanted to take a second to think about the grace that God has provided us through his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Israel and New Breed once made a song called “If Not for Your Grace.” I can’t help but think about that very thing right now. Where would I be if not for the grace of God? From a personal standpoint I guess I will never know, and for this I praise God that I will never know. Lord I thank you for keeping me in my time of need and dealing with me even when I did not want to be dealt with. God even went as far as to send people directly into my life to witness to me and to bring me up in the faith of Jesus Christ, and for this I am eternally greatful.

Then of course, how did all of this happen? Was that merely a coincidence? I think not! In fact, it was all done through the grace of God sending his son to die for us all on a cross for our sins. In the book of Romans chapter 3, Paul talks about how sinful we are as people. We are all sinners, even the Jews who were shown and entrusted to the divine revelation of God in the old testament. In that case, where does that leave us? One of the biggest questions I had growing up which I addressed to my father was, “If we are full of all of this sin, how in turn to we get rid of it?” He was never able to answer that question, and neither can the law. All the law can do is show us how sinful we are; it simply paints a picture of us as a hopeless case with no answer, like a prisoner locked in with the key thrown away. The law provided for us no mercy, no grace.

In Steps Jesus

Of course we know that from the beginning of time, God gave man dominion over the earth. He also told mankind to subdue the Earth. You would think that in such a wonderful paradise as Eden, that there would be nothing to subdue. I believe that’s exactly what Adam felt, and that’s how he got comfortable. The enemy saw this and tricked the woman into doing what she did, Adam then did the same by partaking in the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, and sin was ushered into the world. If this had not happened, the law would not be necessary, but there you have it. Thousands of years later, in steps Jesus Christ, Adam number 2; a man who knew no sin. When I say he knew no sin, of course he knew of it, but he did not let it rule him like every other human being on Earth. So in short, the son of God steps in, offers himself as a sacrifice on a cross and humbles himself to die for us, even humbleing himself unto death.

Now there is a true opportunity for man to be able to enjoy being in the presence of God. The veil was torn between man and God and now we are introduced to grace. Who knew that this single act by God would trigger millions of believers all over the world to disciple others, and who knew that something as simple yet complex as this would reach an intelectual type like me? I find it no coincidence. That’s why I thank God for bringing me the good news through his people, and that’s why I vow to do the same.


~ by DJ GFire on January 14, 2012.

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