Two Albums to Anticipate for January of 2012

Two Anticipated Albums for January of 2012

It’s a new year! That means new music and new inspiration from God’s people. As we begin the new year, there are two albums that I will be taking paticular note of, and you should definitely keep your eye out for! These are:

1. Wow Gospel 2012

2. Fred Hammond: God, Love and Romance

Of course, Verity Records puts out a compilation of thirty of the top gospel songs of every year, and I’m sure based on what we already know about the wow series, this will not be a disappointment. Expect great songs from great artists! Songs that I hope to see on there include:

1. Yolonda Adams- Be Still

2. Donald Lorence and Company – Spiritual

Of course, I want to see a lot more, but those are definitely some that I want to see on there. The firswt by Yolonda Adams really brings it home and relational when it comes to God and his people. I’m pretty sure I Smile by Kirk Franklin will be on the compilation, but with the fact that probably everybody has either copped the whole album or the single, who knows if they’ll put it on there. The song is up for a nomination in the Steller Awards though. The second track that I mentioned by Donald Lorence and Company is great too, nice tretro feel witha great inspirational message and a yearning to be more like God in spirit. He reminds us that we’re spiritual beings living this natural experience, just passin through.

The second album I mentioned should really be interesting. About four years ago, Fred Hammond started talking about releasing an album fully enveloping love. Some saw this as controversial and unacceptable, but that’s probably because they’ve never read Solomon’s Song, but that’s a whole nother debate for another time. He released his single from the album called I Feel Good last year, and boy was that a hit! It was different to hear someone who can sing so well like Fred Hammond on auto-tune but hey, I guess everybody does it now. The cool thing is he did it right; it wasn’t like he was some old dude trying to fit into something he didn’t belong in. That’s the power of God for ya! This album will be released on the 31 of this month.

I can’t wait for both these albums to come out, and best believe we’ll feature tracks from both of them on the Ultimate Praise Party on Team FM, (


So, as a question t the readers, what songs do you think will be on the next Wow Gospel compilation? Comment below.


~ by DJ GFire on January 3, 2012.

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