Carrier IQ: Are you Surprised?

Carrier IQ: Should We Really be Surprised?

It’s funny ow all the older generation says: I’m never gonna get a smartphone because that’s how big brother looks over your shoulder! Whoever thought that they would be right? Turns out, Carrier IQ not only stores your geolocation information, which is information that your phone uses to post to facebook and give you the latest weather for your current location, but it also stores text messages and other sensitive user data. The thing of it is, ironically, that many people are angry about this. The thing that gets me is, if you’re so angry, why are you posting on facebook and twitter where you are, telling people wht you’re doing and posting pictures of you and your family in the internet? Face it! If you do these things, you have no privacy and you will never have privacy.

For the simple fact that I own an iPhone, I’ll say that Apple says that it plans to disable all forms of carrier IQ in a future software update. Hence, they have disabled all of it’s functions with iOS 5.0. I guess we can trust Apple, or can we? The fact is, we do need Carrier IQ for certain things, such as diagnostics and communicating with the cellular network to give us many services that we take for granted, especially when it comes to location. I can’t say I’m surprised by Carrier IQ though, I’m really not. I just wonder when people will discover that our phone conversations are being monitored and recorded. Unlike companies that tell you your conversations is being monitored or recorded, it’ll just be done without your knowledge. Wiretapping has already been in place for some time. The media will really have a field day then.


~ by DJ GFire on January 3, 2012.

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