Obama, Holder Put on Most Corrupt Politicians List by Conservative Watchdog Group

Obama, Holder Put on Watch Dog’s Most Corrupt List…

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are just two of some of the most corrupt politicians, according to a conservative watchdog. This list was published just a few months ago, and tese are a few reasons why.

Starting with Obama, around two years ago, Obama put together a plan to finance a new energy company which would manufacture solar pannels. The problem with the whole plan was that the company would be financed entirely by American tax dollars through the 2009 stimulus plan, which we know did very little, at least for the private sector. This is why government should not involve itself in the private sector as heavily as it does. The turn out? This company just recently declared bankrupsy and laid of all or most of it’s entire California-based work force. Milions of dollars went into this project, only to be wasted, and most importantly, without the consent of the American people. Nothing new

Fast and Furious

Attorney General Eric Holder was once said to be involved in a gun trafficing scheme which involved the selling and transport of guns across the United States by the U.S. government. These guns eventually fell into the hands of drug pushing individuals in Mexico. This left many border patrol officers dead, including one with the gun being found right next to his body. Holder denided any involvement, but later conceded after evidence was found that he knew about the operation through leaked documents and emails.

This world needs much prayer, and it’s up to the people of God to get the job done. Evil is ever-present in high places. Is Obama evil? I am not saying this at all, nor am I saying that Holder is. I am saying that the world is becoming more polluted by sin and demonic powers are taking charge of the world that we live in. As the new year comes upon us, let us pray for our nation and for the world that we live in. We need Jesus more than we ever have before.


~ by DJ GFire on December 31, 2011.

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