Gmail for iOS: is it Really that Good, and is it Native?

Google Releases Gmail iOS App, but is it really that great, and is it native?

                For many weeks a rumor had been in circulation that Google was in the process of creating a native iOS app for gmail. The first version was jerky and slow to say the least, and a few days ago they updated the app so that error messages wouldn’t be the only thing that flowed across the screen.


  1. Supports sound and badge notifications when new messages are received.
  2.  Displays the number of unread messages on the application icon.
  3.  Allows you to manage your gmail messages in a visually pleasing way.



  1. Does not support global notification center in iOS 5, which means the app does not support this in the majority of apple devices.
  2.  Also, even though Google claimed that the app would be native, the app is simply more or less a web app in the app store from what I gather from customer reviews and other information. I have not tested the app myself based on this information; don’t see the use in it.

For now I would strongly recommend everyone to stick with the standard mail app for gmail until Google realizes that this is not what the people want.

One other major con that I have with the app is that it does not support multiple gmail accounts. Many colleges nowadays utilize google apps for productivity on campus. Therefore, my personal account and my school account would not be able to work simultaneously in this gmail app. Therefore, stick with the mail app folks.



~ by DJ GFire on November 17, 2011.

One Response to “Gmail for iOS: is it Really that Good, and is it Native?”

  1. I think more people are going to use Mail still on there IOS devices becausae it has been a key point of the OS for years now. Mail also allows you to be able to sync multiple inboxes not just Gmail. Over all in the long run I think Mail wins.

    Sorry Google you cant have everything you want

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