Should I Pay Tides to my Church?

“If you tide, you’ll receive your big blessing in due time…” pastor reverend apostle so and so

One thing I have noticed, especially with the younger generation is that they are completely if not little at all, willing to tide to the church that they attend. Whether that church be one that they attend every once in a blue moon or their home church, they are completely unwilling to tide, or tithe, whichever. I recently hheard a podcast on Holy Culture radio entitled, “Tiding: Is it for Today’s Church?” I will address a few points that stuck out to me.

Firstly, tiding is voluntary. Is it wrong to not tide? Yes, because essentially you are robbing God. Remember, your tide is not going to the man of God, although from a technical standpoint that’s how it looks. The tides help keep the mission moving. It keeps the church lights on, the mics on, the water running. I’ll give it from another point of view, which I feel is excellent. Let’s say I’m forced to love my wife. She’ll know that my love for her is not sincere. In the same sense, tithing is an act of worship to the father and most high God. Back to the wife. Now, let’s say I love her with all my heart, in sickness and in health, in bad times and in wealth. She’ll know, and as will I. If people really understood this, maybe marriages wouldn’t be such a “drag” for some folks, but that’s a whole nother can of worms. Let’s try to stick with tithing, eh? Lol. But as I said, tithing is an act of worship. Giving a tenth of your income in tides and offering throughout the month is an act of worship, so therefore it is voluntary. Just as you are moved to praise God in song or in dance, we should also be moved to worship God through our tides to carry out his mission.

For those who have been paying tides to hit the jackpot, that’s what the lottery is for. I’m blutn, but I’m real. If you’ve been paying tides expecting only what you will receive, this is not true worship. Let’s go back to the wife. Let’s say I treat her well so I can get some  of that good lovin, then the next day I act as though she never existed. Same concept applies. I use God for what I want, then so long, farewell.

Lastly, until listening to this podcast and getting some revelation to the subject, I’ve been struggling with this very thing. I’ve been incurring some extra expenses what with my little girl. However, there is one thing I have realized. Even when I did not have the money before and I made it a strictly for God thing, I have faired better both spiritually and financially. I  have grown remendously spiritually and whatever needs I was unable to meet, someone was willing to help. I believe that was God’s favor working on my behalf. This is why I’m going back to tithing. As sure as I write this, my mind is made up.

As a final note, use wisdom. If God gives you things on this earth to be faithful over, then be faithful in these things, as well as his word. If you have a car note to pay, pay it. However, if you were tithing before that car note, count up the costs for this new luxury before you enter into it so you can still be faithful in tithing. Things come up, and when they do, remember, God knows your heart. I’m mministering to myself as well. Just give your best if nothing else.


~ by DJ GFire on July 31, 2011.

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