Atheists Say No Cross on 9/11 Memorial…

…Atheists Request Cross Not Be Put On 9/11 Memorial…
A few days ago, a group known as the Atheists Association of America requested that a cross not be part of a memorial dedicated to those who died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. They say that if any religious symbols be used at the memorial, that all religions would have to be represented. Even if the Islam religion was represented however, I believe this would not be a great reminder to our fellow Americans on what the extremist group of Islams have done to our country. This would only further give us a visual representation of what group was responsible for the destruction of this monumental structure, and the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in employees and those involved in the rescue efforts after the attack.
Atheists accuse Christians of “thinking  that they can get away with breaking the law by shoving their religious views on others.”
I truly believe that Atheists only have something against those that are Christians, and not those necessarily who belong to other religious groups.
It amazes me that Atheists are assumedly the most educated group of people in America, but they do not know that America’s principals were mainly focussed on Christianity. People came here from all over the world to escape religious persecution, and for freedom to worship Jesus Christ. This is my take on it, but you tell me what you think about it. Comment if you want Jesus represented.


~ by DJ GFire on July 31, 2011.

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