Social Security Becoming Insecure, Obama Gets the Blame…

According to a report issued by fox news radio, Obama warned republicans that if the debt talks did not come to a compromise and a deal was struck by August 2 that the U.S. treasury would be unable to pay the bills of the country and that social security checks may very well not go out on theĀ third of August. The head of the republican house John B stated that this current debt crissis is “Obama’s fault” and “It’s his problem…” I think what Republicans and Democrats both fail to realize is that debt is not a politically tied problem. Both republicans and democrats have been running this country and making decisions, so everyone played their equal part. The total fault does not lie on the current president, because there was problems even before his term in office. However, this current situations definitely does not make the president look good for re-election, unless you’r a happy-go-lucky homosexual who could care less about national debt because you can finally get married, but that’s another story in itself. Instead of passing the blame, a solution needs to be found, and quickly. People need to start trusting in God, because government will never be able to cope with what the world has to offer in the very near future. Everything is setting up for the antichrist, so get ready church. We about to be outta here.



~ by DJ GFire on July 12, 2011.

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