What B—- Are You Really: An innocent game with a not so innocent concept

What B—- Are You
Really: An Innocent Game with not so innocent name and symbolism

                So, if
fighting your friends via mafia wars is not enough, and if you’re sick and
tired of passing around salad bowls to make the perfect salad, and if family
feud is just getting on your nerves, what about this? Haven’t you always wanted
to answer some weird questions about your friends and post them to their wall
just so they’d know exactly how you feel about them? I mean, come on, who has
the time to tell each other how we feel anymore? Nice idea, right? Then let’s
add the idea that in order to unlock these secret answers, you need virtual
coins. Perfect psychological experiment1 So what if these virtual coins became
monetary? I mean, f you can make somebody sit there in front of the computer
and answer hundreds of questions about their friends just so that they can find
out how their ego is doing, why not get paid for it? Ah, and the door of
opportunity opens.

One day
this ap used to be called something different. It used to be something facebook
buddies jjust did for fun, but the world just couldn’t get enough. Too limited.
Too innocent. So the ap’s name was changed to, “What Bitch are you Really.” I’m
a chrstian dude, so this is the only time you’ll see me curse, just letting you
know what to look out for. Not to mention the design is purely iluminadi. Devil’s
horn’s and devil’s tail everywhere. Don’t be caught in the world’s trap.

This is
why I refuse to play any more games on facebook. When you can’t see the symbolism
and the name just ain’t right, you gotta remember the standard you are supposed
to be setting. That’s all I got to say. I am thinking about just deleting my
facebook account.



~ by DJ GFire on June 11, 2011.

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