Big Al – The Balancing Act: Album Review

The year 2011 has proven to be spectacular for the whole of christian music, but we definitely have not heard from this cat in awhile. Three years later, Big Al hits us with more even steller production from blossoming individuals as Claude Duce, Canton Jones, KJ-52 and Danielle Harris. Great stuff all the way through, but I’lll break it down for you.
1. TBA. The beat itself is addictive from the beginning, from the suspenseful orchestrated string instruments and that low slow bass that can only do a pair of 12’s in the trunk justice. The lyrical content is as he puts it, “a beast.” But this beast is threatening to break through your sound system. Only what the Holy Spirit can do to make this one come alive.
2. Switch It Up. More great production follows with this uptempo track which encourages all of us to stay obedient to the plan of God and speak hope to the lost instead of reproach. Do contrary to what the enemy would expect from an ordinary Christian if you will. Switch it up!
3. Anywhere: An anthem that states that you’re blessed anywehre you go as long as Christ is with you. More great production.
4. Let You Down. This is where we hear from artist/producer Claude Duce, and this dude’s production just keeps getting better and better. Glory to God! This track encourages us that no matter the problem, God will be there and he’ll never let us down.

5. Get Em High: This was more of a teaser for me when it came out last year, but definitely good stuff, but definitely not the salt of the album in my opinion. But hey, who cares what I think? If you do, keep reading.
6. Get it In. I must say being a young father that this track is very encouraging and a challenge to me. To be frank, it tells all the men to “man up” and realize the times we’re living in and that we need to take our places in authority, family and wherever else God calls us and do it in integrity and with Christ-like character.

07. Lookin Us. I think that this title should’ve been Lookin at Us, but that’s beside the point. Another one of those let-me-remind-you tracks that the world is looking at us, despite what we think. If we don’t exercise the love of God and apply the word to our lives, then we can’t expect to grow the kingdom. Because after all, they’re lookin at us!
08. Party, (Let’s Dance.) Big Al on techno? Interesting. Just a feel-good track right here. Nineties house, anyone? Euro pop? Maybe…

09. Givin it Over. A poppy track, but definitely reflective. In short, be blessed for what you have, because someone is worse off. So when you see them that are worse off rejoice, rejoice for the blessings you have. Be greatful.
10. Who Dat? This one is still growing on me, but I get the idea. Don’t worry about whose behind the mic, remember I’m behind Christ.
11. BFF. Not sure how I would like this one, but this is definitely one of my favorites off the album. Jesus is my best friend and hopefully yours too.
12. Testify. More great production from our boy Claude, and a little recycled flow from a mixtape from Big Al which came out some five years ago, but if you never heard it, you’d never know. Great remix to “Grew Up a Screwup.” Also got some new stuff in that track as well. Give it a listen.. Never heard a testimony in a beat like that before.
13. 4eva gr8ful. More textish I believe, but the message stands strong. Let’s be greatful for what God has done for us, from the salvation he has given us to the blessings he has given us and will continue to give.

14. Untitled. Big Al always comes to this point on his albums and it’s a signature point that makes him different from most CHH artists. Brings tears to your eyes.
15. Amazing Love. Big Al takes it on home with this praise and worship track. Never heard anything like it. Good stuff.
16. Winner. A nice ending to the album. Encourages all of us that through Christ we can all be winners.
Overall: 19/10. I really love this album and since I’ve gotten it it’s been in heavy rotation on my IPod. This was definitely unexpected and I know from this point this man of God can only go up becdause he stays humble, and God exalts the humble among us. Keep doing your thing man.


~ by DJ GFire on May 22, 2011.

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