Becca Shay – #putyourloveglasseson – single: Album Review

I have been listening to just about every form of music growing up, and I have just recently desecularized my mmusic collection. From that point, I have sought out to bring in every form of gospel music being that I appreciate music in all forms as long as it makes sense and has a positive message. Now I’m more of an if it ain’t got Jesus in it I don’t fool with it. I love gospel music from Fred Hammond to Brandon Heath, from Trip Lee to Papa San, and this is one more I can add to my collection. I’ve always loved  pop music, until Ms. Spears entered the market and entertained a degression of the style until the present. However, Becca Shay brings a fresh feel to the genre and is unashamed to bring the gospel along with it. This track in short encourages all of us to not be judgemental of others, but see them through “God’s eyes” and show love to everyone, because that’s what God did through creation and most importantly, his son Jesus Christ. Glory to God for this fresh new edition to the gospel genre!


~ by DJ GFire on May 10, 2011.

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