The Egyptian Crisis: Where to we Go From Here and What Happens Next?

The Egyptian Catastrophe In it’s entirety: Where do we Go From Here?

                About one or two weeks ago, the impoverished nation of Egypt broke into total chaos. Things began to happen that were simply unpresidented by most, but those on the inside knew that the man in charge of things did not have much popularity. In fact, the people of Egypt had never been satisfied with the lousy job of this dictator. His resignation has been long-anticipated but many believe that there is too much to risk in the process of his resignation. One of the most pprominent risks would be the fact that he was the one that brought into effect the peace treaty that was signed by Israel.

Egypt Hits the Kill Switch

                Just after the protests, Egypt hit the kill switch on the Internet, causing all internet service providers in the country to go offline. Internet flow has not been completely opened since. Along with this, protests have been going on for awhile, including one that occurred February 4, 2011..

The Influence of Egypt

                Egypt is the largest nation in the list of arab nations. Religious diversities also come into play in this region, and we all know what that can cause. Christians are a minority in this region, so the peoples’ input is either from the Islam brotherhood or the secular society. Nothing against Islam, but I think that the least thing Egypt needs right now is a radical Islam to lead this country, which leads me to my next point.

What Could Happen Next

                Whenever a country is vulnerable and in grave danger or turmoil, a climate is created in which a dictator  takes over. Take Hitler for example. Hitler took charge of Germany right after World War 1, when the value of German money was next to nothing, conditions were desolate, and people were looking for a man with all the answers. You could also say that this was a foreshadowing of the antichrist, and to that effect I think you’d be right. Hittler placed blame of all the problems of Germany primarily on the Jews, and we all know that lead to the holocaust.

                Now let’s fast forward a little to the present. The Middle East is a boiling pot of water that’s about to run over. Iran’s primary desire along with the rest of the radical Muslim world is to destroy Israel and the western world, primarily the United States. What they fail to realize is is that Israle is God’s land. You don’t lay with God’s land, and it will be protected, at any cost. Keep in mind what I said earlier about Egypt’s influence. If one of these radical muslims were to take over, God only knows how long it will be before the treaty that Egypt signed with Israel back in 1979 would be voided.  This treaty was essentially a a contract that said that Egypt would not war withIsrael, and was jump started by Jimmy Carter, president of the U.S.

Economic Outcomes

                Presently, the president has resigned from his post as of this morning. No one knows where the government is headed, but Mrs. Clinton is pretty confident that the country will be lead by democratic leaders. I hope this is so, but I believe it’s going to be a lean in the Muslim direction hence the greatest population of people in the area being Muslims. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, oil could go up higher than it has ever gone in human history. This could create quite another problem for an already bruised U.S. and world economy.

Closing Notes

                Please be in prayer for Egypt, and most importantly, be in prayer for the Christians and journalists that live there trying to do their job. Missionaires at this time will probably have little to no protection, and journalists are probably not protected well either, especially those from western countries such as England and America. Also be in prayer for Israle, whom at the present time has a quite uncertain future logically speaking. However, we all know that Jerusalem will last until the end, but still be in prayer for the support of those that have to cope with the situation at the present time.



~ by DJ GFire on February 5, 2011.

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