The Debt Free America Act, (HR-4646): What you Should Know About it and why it shouldn’t pass

The Debt Free America Act: What it Is and Why you should not let it pass

                Introduction: Legislative bill HR-4646, better known as the Debt Free America Act, was introduced by Mr. Fattah of Pennsylvania in early 2010. In my opinion it is one of the most communist anti-American pieces of legislation thus far to hit the house floor. Here’s why. The act essentially charges a 1% tax on any transaction that you make. This includes, all transactions generated by any financial instrument, whether it be credit card, check, cash, social security income or any other transaction for any other good or service. All Americans will be mandated to pay this tax. Here’s an example. Let’s say you deposit 5000 dollars into your bank account. It’s your hard-earned bonus check. Washington will automatically get 50 dollars from that check. I know what you’re saying. Awe, it’s just 1%! Keep in mind that once this bill passes, this tax will be regulated when appropriate by the secretary of state. That tax could go from 1 to 50 percent. Also, income tax will be eliminated. Therefore, when you pay Uncle Sam all of your taxes, at the beginning of the next year, you will not see any of that money at all. It’s kind of like buying a burger and Washington takes a bite out of it before you get to eat it. The bill promises that America’s debt will be eliminated in seven years. My question is then, what will the bill be called? The screw you pay me act? Who knows?

                I do know this, once this bill passes, there will be no more capitalism in this country; no more competition. You will never be able to get ahead because you’ll always be trying to pay your bills and end up having to pay Washington first. Sure, they’ll be economic equality. No one will be able to pay their way in life.

                The alternative: You can call your local congressman and tell them not to vote for HR-4646. They plan on trying to pass it before the holidays. Thus far, it has no co-sponsors, and with the republicans having a stronghold over Congress, we probably won’t have to worry about it passing. Wait a few weeks, Obama will be sure to drop it on the news. America’s got too much on its plate as it is, we don’t need to totally destroy and rebuild our infrastructure on how we as Americans do business. Another alternative is to vote for Peter Defazio’s bill, which is HR-4591, better known as the Let Wall street Pay for the Restoration of Main Street Act. None of these proposals have hit the floor as of yet, but like I said, just wait and see.

                From A spiritual Perspective: Remember, it doesn’t matter whether America is in debt or not. When Jesus comes back, he will not care how much money you do or do not have. We are a nation in need of great repentance. We have homosexuals as bishops. Churches are getting worldlier every day. Standards are being lowered. The last days are upon us. We’re building a mosque in Manhattan. God is a jealous god. We can’t expect blessings from him if we worship another god, especially one that does not exist and has been dead for about a thousand years, but that’s a whole nother can of worms.

Be Blessed.


~ by DJ GFire on December 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Debt Free America Act, (HR-4646): What you Should Know About it and why it shouldn’t pass”

  1. DeFazio and $1.7 Billion mystery fund

    The fund:
    “The Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation”
    Faye Stewart II Director (Lane County Commissioner, Oregon.)
    IRS Form 990 page 30 year 2007
    US Government Securites – End of Year Book Value: 1,684,955,468
    From: TY 2006 Investments Government Obligations Schedule, page 30 of 37 of 2007-930800814-04846ae5-F.pdf

    The funds are not listed the year before or the year after.

    The connection:
    Peter DeFazio, former Lane County Commissioner, Oregon Congressman.
    Town Hall Meeting August 2010, Coos Bay, Oregon.
    DeFazio tells assembled citizens that he will personally investigate into fraud and money laundering that caused the financial meltdown.

    The day before the Town Hall Meeting I had personally given DeFazio staff member Mr. Batz documentation of the $ 1,684,955,468 mysteriously appearing and disappearing in “The Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation”.

    The day of the Coos Bay 2010 meeting I personally gave Mr. Batz a CD with 200 MB of documentation concerning this matter.

    Immediately prior to the meeting I personally spoke with DeFazio about this matter. I had reproduced the pertinent information on a yellow flyer.

    In the first part of DeFazio’s Coos Bay August 2010 Town Hall Meeting, as he was looking out over a sea of yellow flyers held by 80% of the assembled Citizens, Congressman Peter DeFazio told us he would investigate the exact type of financial flim-flam outlined on the yellow flyer.

    When I was called upon by DeFazio to ask my question, yellow flyer in hand, I stated, “Since you are a former Oregon, Lane County Commissioner, you know that they do not make this type of money to have in their personal foundation. Since you said you are going to investigate this exact same type of dealings, don’t you think “The Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation” would be a good place to start?” I also mentioned that the Lane County Commissioners had passed an order stating that there are certain Federal Laws and Presidential Orders that they will not enforce. The Lane County Commissioners will not allow funds to be spent enforcing the Laws they personally disagree with and in fact, have reduced the Lane County Law Enforcement Budget to one of the lowest in the whole United States.

    In answer to the enforcement query, DeFazio said it was unconstitutional for Lane County to act that way.

    His answer to my request to investigate his long time friend, Faye Hills Stewart II; he jumped up, started yelling incoherently and singled out a disabled woman from the audience and called her a liar for trying to get DeFazio’s help when her landlord had shot at her 14 times with a shot gun over a two week period. One Shooting Video online at

    A DeFazio staff person told me they have the video of the Coos Bay meeting. They said they would give me a copy; I am still waiting for it.
    I am using this forum to publicly call out Con. Peter DeFazio to discuss this matter.

    On line at under “Foundation Trilogy” are massive amounts of information with references to online documents from the foundations involved.

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