The Ultimate Praise Party Launches on Audiomirror FM this Sunday

Audiomirror FM launches along with the Ultimate Praise Party with DJ GFire…

Ladies and gentlemen! This  is a DJ GFire exclusive. A new radio station has blossomed from the lineage of broadcasting lovers from the United States to the United Kingdom! It’s called, audio mirror FM, which can be found at the web address:

                Here you can check out shows ranging from a mixed variety. From gospel to metal, to country and pop, you’ll find it all here on audio mirror FM. So, on to the Ultimate Praise Party.

                This is a gospel show like no other. Why? If you’ve noticed, most gospel shows only stick to one genre of gospel music. Whether it is Christian hip-hop, rock or reggae gospel, you only get one genre. Here you’ll find all gospel artists, from the rockers to the rappers to the contemporaries, all worshipping God on one accord! So, from 4 to 6 eastern, 3 to 5 central and 1 to 3 pacific, check out the Ultimate Praise Party, only on audiomirror FM!


~ by DJ GFire on October 18, 2010.

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