IPod Nano Sixth Generation: Is the Small Package Really worth the Price?

the All-new IPod nano

The painfully small addition to the nano family.

IPod Nano Sixth Generation: Is the small Package Really worth the Same Price Tag?

                Ladies and gentlemen! Another fascinating idea from the apple camp! Introducing the apple IPod sixth generation, the new way to nano, and boy is it new. There’s nothing about the nano that would let you know that it is a nano. If anything, it’s like a crossbreed between a shuffle and an IPod touch. It’s about the size of a cell phone battery. The big deal is that you can use multi-touch to manage, play and cue up your music on the device. I’ll try to present it in a positive light for as long as I can, but there are a few bones I have to pick with apple about this one.

Apple has finally introduced the ability to touch and move your icons and music around the screen like the touch and IPhone, so there’s no need for a click wheel. The screen is small, so keep that in mind when you’re flicking and touching and swiping. Voiceover is included, big ups to apple on that, you still remain the only company with an accessible digital mp3 player in the market. The same voiceover gestures that have been utilized with the IPod touch and IPhone have been put into this new nano. Now for the downside.

With the compactness of the product, here’s what you lose.

  1. The external speaker inside the device that could be used to play music without headphones
  2.  The video playback
  3.  The video camera

It is still a great workout tool for those who like to go to the gym. Just clip it on and you’re ready to go. I just don’t see why you’d pay that same price for an IPod that is essentially an IPod shuffle with more space, an FM radio and touch, but some might. It’s strictly up to you, this is just my take on the new IPod nano. Preferably, I think I’ll stick with my fifth generation model.

This review contributed by Gary Kammerer, social networking outreach manager, shockwave radio


~ by DJ GFire on September 7, 2010.

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