Rick Ross’s Teflon Don

Rick Ross’s Teflon Don, (once correctional officer needs style correction)

It amazes me that with some Hip-hop artists, Rick Ross being a prime example, the beats and/or productions themselves keep getting better but the music itself keeps getting worse.

So we jump into the third sequel of Maybach Music, and we find much of the same. The same materialistic drug-filled rhymes that the commercial Hip-hop market has been selling people for the past five years or so.

I must say that whoever his production team was, they did a fantastic job, but Rick Ross himself definitely nees either another inspiration or a pick me up. His previous album was much better.

Now, if you like songs about blowing money, fucking hoes and the like, this album is perfect for you and a definite buy. However, if you are like me and prefer music with a bit more lyrical content or at least something catchy said by the artist besides the beat, steer clear of this particular album.

There is one positive thing I would like to say about this album. The Ne-yo collaboration was great. The seventies samples in the beat were excellent, as well as the hook on Ne-yo’s part. As always, Rick Ross you remain the same on your flows. They become darker and more explicit as time progresses.

Better luck next time, boss.

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~ by DJ GFire on July 21, 2010.

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