Using the IPhone: A first experience as a blind man

Using the IPhone: A First Experience

                About two weeks ago I decided to check out the IPhone 3gS. This is the only IPhone model which supports voiceover, the 16 gigabyte version. When I first took a look at the phone, it looked something like an IPod touch to me. The similarities were evident. The only difference being that the IPhone was slightly heavier than the IPod touch device. I was wowed by the speediness of the product and it’s responsiveness to my gestures on the screen. The only thing I did not get to do was actually compose a message on the device, so I can’t quite say what typing is like on the device. Pricing is about 200 dollars for the device, but for having voiceover built in, it’s a great deal!

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~ by DJ GFire on May 9, 2010.

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