A Shift in the Spiritual Realm

Power of the Holy Ghost: A Shift in the Spiritual Realm

Yesterday, our church attended a service with our sister church located in West Monroe, Louisiana. The service itself was one of the greatest and most inspiring services I’ve been to. However, it was not necessarily just because of the intellect of the men who ran the church. It was the fact that the holy ghost was alive and moving as it never had before in the body of Christ. Blacks and whites were United on one front. We came from different backgrounds, different situations. Even compared with me and the natives of Louisiana, we came from two different backgrounds. I came from the gritty streets of Baltimore. It’s a hard life in the big city, but we make it. In Baltimore, we may be diversified, but we are not necessarily unified. So, what unified us that evening? Simply the presence of the lord and the strong belief that he can change lives. Through the blood of Jesus, people can forgive and love one another. People can gather under one roof and worship the lord as never before when we are not just diversified, we are unified through God and our diversity as a people, as Americans. Yesterday evening, we discussed the descendants of our ancestors through the biblical history in a black history program. According to research and the word of God, Noah had three sons. One was called Ham, who was black, and the father of the Africans and the Indians. One was olive-colored, and fathered the Arabians and the Jews. The last of the three was fair-skinned and fathered the caucasion race. Throughout history, these people moved through different parts of the world and spread their seed. Through the ancient times of Babylon to the present, all races had made an influence on Christianity. However, we are beginning to see more of an African influence on the direction of Christianity. Why? Because Africans and African-americans are becoming thirsty for the truth of God. The white men are attempting to preserve the gospel and keep it for themselves. Black people are tired of just being known for their skin color or vilence or trouble. They’re tired of fighting for everything and gaining nothing. This is why the white influence in Christianity is fading. Mass conversions are taking place in Africa as I write this blog and as you read it. Healings and miracles only created by the holy ghost are occurring all over the world. America has appeared to have backslidden, don’t you think? As an American and as a Christian, I desire more of these things. I desire miracles of untold proportions, because I truly believe that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all.

Gospel music is changing, and I believe for the better. It’s reaching out to the youth. There has been an uprising in African-american gospel artists who want to teach the word to the youth. Why? Because in spiritual warfare which we are in today, the youth have to take the ranks. The youth have to fight the good fight and battle against products of society, satanic views and the flesh. I used to say that I was a product of my environment. No! I am a product of God, because he was my creator. I am also a product of my mother and father, who brought me into this world. So, let’s get back to the uprising of Gospel to reach the youth. Artists such as Big Al, Kanton Jones and many others have been making hip-hop and R&B mmusic that glorifies God in every asspect. Some Christian extremists may say, “How can hip-hop and R&B music glorify God?” It’s not necessarily the label that’s associated with the style of music. Most gospel is a derivative of funk and soul music, the only difference is is that the music speaks of the glory, love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Christian contemporary is just soft rock or rock and roll music which is made to serve the same purpose: to glorify God. As music changes, so does gospel. What’s important about the music is this: It glorifies God and refers to the bible. It tells the youth that there is another way besides what the world has to offer. There is justice. You can be delivered from what you thought you couldn’t. There is a savior, and there is a heaven, and all you have to do is reach out with your heart and ask God for forgiveness for the wrong you have done. In return, your spirit will be washed by the blood of Jesus, and you will be redemed. However, this will not just be that simple. It will be a hard road, because once you are saved, you will have to fight the flesh and Satan every day. He does not want you to succeed in your faith. Let’s prove him wrong! I’m no professional pastor, but I believe that God is calling me to use what I know best to reach people, and I pray that people actually read this in full so that they can understand what they can have through God.

Back to the three sons. God has a purpose for every race on this plannet. Black folks, I don’t know what your plan is but I see what God is doing for people all around me. Look at Big Al. Kirk Franklin. White folks, don’t get weary. There’s a job for us to do too. Everyone on this plannet was created to serve a purpose to glorify God. I truly believe that. You don’t have to be a world missionary to do it. If you are, more power to you. You don’t have to be a gospel singer and be known for great CD’s and ministry. If you feel that God has called you to do it, do it by all means. Do not hesitate. All you have to do is live your life as God would want you to.


~ by DJ GFire on February 22, 2010.

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