Man’s Judgement and Salvation: Questioning the Divinity of the Blood of Jesus Christ

Judgement of Man and Salvation: Questioning God’s Divinity and the Blood of Jesus Christ

Earlier today during a baby class, we began to gaze into the spiritual asspects of making a “New us” for ourselves. In this journey, we were blessed to be ministered by a woman who ministered at prisons. In this lesson, I learned many things. I’ve come to this conclusion. Have you ever met someone who was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ who had a bad past? Let’s say you say to them or think to yourself, “That person will mess up; they’ll just go back to doing the same thing.” When we judge a person by their past actions, we don’t realize that we as the wretched sinners that we are have no right to judge another sinner. There is no such thing as a big sin or a little sin. In exodus, the ten commandments were brought down from atop the mountain of God. God was accompanied by Moses at this time. However, no commandment said that if you if you were commit the sin of adultery, you would be punished more then if you committed the sin of telling a little lie, for example. If we look at the bible, a lie is stilla lie, no matter how big or small it may be. For example, when a girl asked of Peter if he knew of Jesus Christ, he told a white lie and said that he never knew of him. This lie, in turn, caused the bloodshed of Jesus Christ. In this way, we cannot underrate or overrate one sin over another. It’s all in the same book, and they are all equal. The point is, we have no right to judge someone on what they have done in their past. A sin is a sin, no matter. However, when we say that it’s not possible for someone to come out of sin after they have been saved, we are slandering God’s name and we are also degrading the blood of Jesus Christ. We are questioning the divinity of the sacrifice that God made by sending his only begotten son to the world to die for us. Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse a sinner, and any person who believes otherwise is questioning the power of the holy blood of Jesus Christ to wash away sin, and to preserve someone’s soul.

Just an idea to throw out there.

So, the next time you judge someone or say that they’ll never change or be saved, just know that not only are you letting Satan work in your life, but you are questioning the blood of Jesus.

I don’t want to scare anyone or be of offense to anyone, but I just want to save not only myself from doing this, but everyone else that I know from following the same path. This will hinder our spiritual growth and keep us captive within ourselves. We will not be able to mature spiritually if we let this worldly mannerism hold us back.


~ by DJ GFire on February 17, 2010.

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