Google Buzz: So What’s all the Buzz about?

Google Buzz: Okay, so what’s all the buzz about?

In the beginning…

So we had MySpace, we’ve survived facebook, and we’ve even learned that we possibly can’t live without twitter. But google buzz?

How many social networks can you maintain all at once? What makes this one different from any of the others? I have yet to play with buzz in action, but frankly I don’t want to. I’ve analyzed the actual ap from CNet and I still don’t see the purpose of it.

Here are some of the pros and cons that I see. Lets go with the pros first.


1. It’s fully integrated with gmail.

2. It’s like google wave in the sense that it enriches the meaning of the social networking experience.

3. You can use it for real-time conversations.


1. You have no choice, google automatically activates buzz, even if you don’t want to use it.

2. Unlike other social networks, where people can message you just from twitter or facebook your actual gmail address becomes public for all to see, and the lack of concern for privacy is just unnerving.

3. I don’t believe it is accessible to the blind community as of yet.

So for now, google buzz is a no go for me. I believe I’ll stick with the mainstream social networks, such as MySpace, twitter and facebook, thank you very much.


~ by DJ GFire on February 12, 2010.

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