MySpace and File Sharing: Vital or Viral?

MySpace and utorrent: Vital or Viral?

In 2003, the site made history. With it’s astounding idiology that social networking on the web could be possible, it was one of the pioneering sites to offer custom profiles, open source development, record deals to many artists and much, much more. However, was it always this way? Is it still this way? Many theories are uncertain, but we know for certain that MySpace has been experiencing some lag in the past two years. From a murder and mutalation of a woman back in 2008 in Baltimore, to competition from rivals such as twitter and facebook, to the increased amount of spam mail, to ads popping up everywhere, and of course, lastly, viruses. Of course, this isn’t the fault entirely of MySpace. After all, they were trying to make it open for anyone. However, MySpace claims to be a secure web site. Tell me then, why everytime somjeone enters the realm of MySpace do they start to see spyware ad-ons trying to take hold of their computers. Why does Norton, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast and other virus programs detect viruses contaminating the wonderful world of MySpace? I ask this same question myself, and therefore I have made a vow to no longer use MySpace. So, naturally, you won’t find the blog on MySpace. However, you can easily find it on facebook or wordpress.

If you’re a MySpace user, and you are reading this and have experienced none of the above with the MySpace interface, then the best of congrats to ya! However, Gary will be retreating from the MySpace world for now.

At the enclosure of this blog is list of viral infections I have discovered while browsing the MySpace site, including editing my profile, customization, sending instant messages, email messages and adding profile songs.

File sharing:

File sharing was first invented so that computers could share open source programs that were free for development. Utorrent and sites like this were great because they offered a place where files could be downloaded and obtained quickly and ifficiently. However, at around the early part of the millenium, someone got the idea that they could take albums and songs and illegally share them on torrents.

What is a torrent? A torrent file is a small file that points to the exact location of the file that you wish to download. Any files such as software, games, music and movies or any other content that has to be licenses, distributed or paid for is illegal to download. I no longer support torrents and MySpace for these reasons. Torrents are free and great to get ahold of, but there is a lot more that you may not want that comes along with that as well.

So, without further adue, a sample list of viruses that you may get by doing these things.


trojan downloaders

attempts to run spyware ad-ons as active exe controls


trojan: A large file which contains a program that executes a command from an attacker on another PC, using a remote access method.

Basically, you use your PC and someone else controls your computer in the background, installing malicious software, and trojan downloaders.

Trojan downloaders: Files that download trojans and display deceptive product messages. For exampel, you may see:

10117.exe is requesting your permission to make changes to your computer. Do you wish to continue?

Click yes, and it’s easy for the hacker to obtain your information if you are not careful, such as email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

That’s why it’s always good to do routine virus scans, clear cookies when exiting the net, and schedule system cleanups.

Note: I made this blog for all the other users that take advantage of these services. Viruses are dangerous and harmful to your computer. I had to do a whole system recovery and reformat my disc.

Is there another way to download legal music?

Yes. Try the amazon mp3 downloader at, or ITunes.



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