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Obama’s State of the Union Address

Everyone in America is gathered around their televisions to watch the state of the union address, the first of president Obama. I’m just going to blog on my take on the address. First of all, I’m glad that Obama does a brief review of the current circumstances that he is faced with. I think that it is very important for Americans to realize the full scope of what our president is facing in Washington. Secondly, the president spoke on the bank bailout bill. I and Mr. Obama agree on one thing. I hated the bailout bill. Why? Why should we bail out the fat cats who overspent and refused to lend to companies and persons? Well, like the president says, it wasn’t popular, but essential. In order to keep the financial system from undermining itself, the banks needed to be bailed out so that the American financial system could stabilize. And so, here was the catch according to Mr. Obama. The big banks that were giving out big bonuses and making big investments with their bailout checks, they would be charged a fee so that the taxpayers’ dollars could go back to the people. Where would this money go? Mr. Obama says that the money that was paid back from the big banks was generated into the stimulus bill, also known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. That’s how a lot of jobs stayed put, and how each person who received SSI benefits received $250.00 last year. We also have heard from the president that some of the repaid funds from the big banks that were bailed out will be given to smaller local community banks to help give credit to small businesses. Tax credits will also be given to small businesses. Last year, president Obama released the clean energy technology bill. Obama wants clean energy to be profitable for America, which I think is a good idea. I also believe that it was a good idea for Obama to issue the tax credit for making homes more energy-efficient. This also creates more jobs in the clean energy industry. This also provides encouragement for students to excel in math and science in school, so that America may have a cleaner future. Speaking of the future… Now this really makes me happy. There is a bill in progress that is made especially for revitalizing community colleges. This will also help with increasing pell grants to students, which is really great. A ten thousand dollar tax credit will also be provided to families who help their children go through a university. Also, if you owe student loans prior to receiving all of your education, only 10 percent of your income will go to paying loans each month. All student loans will be forgiven after 10 years if they choose a career in public service, and 20 years if another career path is chosen. As Obama puts it, Americans should not have to go broke just because they decided to go to college. Onto health care. Mr. Obama only issued legislation for health care he says to prevent Americans with preexisting conditions from being undercovered or unqualified for health insurance. Speaking of health care, the first lady is working on advocacy and helping children with combating childhood obesity. I just didn’t understand the bill, but now I know that this bill could very well affect me. Obama vows not to walk away from any American, and as he states neither should the people in the chamber of Congress. That’s really comforting to know. Did you know that in the year 2000 we had a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars? According to data before Obama walked into office, the budget had a 1 year deficit of 1 trillion dollars. Most of this had a lot to do with 2 unpaid wars, the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan. Another bit of factual data is that economic recovery took in about another 1 trillion dollars was added onto the budget deficit. Obamaa intends to recover most of these moneys, but will not sacrifice governmental essential programs such as social security, Medicaid and medicare. I just want to know what Obama wants to do with Medicaid and social security because he observes that these costs continue to skyrocket. I haven’t heard of anything as of yet, so a bit skeptical right now. I do know that the president has issued a fiscal bipartisan commission to handle these things, so that the next generation of Americans will not inherit these same issues. Obama intends to pull out of Iraq next autumn. Thank goodness. Obama reminds the American people that there is a need to respect all men and women who are in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Iran is our next topic. I still don’t understand the motivation for Iran in destroying the United States and the world. Doesn’t anyone there care about cherishing this planet? You only get one Earth. On a better note…  Obama spoke of the miraculously generous American spirit that lies inside of all Americans, and encourages all of us to do the best we can do, whether we are someone working in office, or the man in McDonald’s. It doesn’t matter.

I believe that we’ve got a lot of potential as a country. We just need to stay on the right track.


~ by DJ GFire on January 28, 2010.

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