Signing the Papers, tying the knot

Yersterday, I obtained my certified birth certificate so that I could obtain my marriage license. I thought the certificate would come today, but hey, God came through for me again. So, yesterday I was unoficially married to the woman that I hope to spend the rest of my life with. Unoficially? Well, latistics later, too blah blah blah for right now. Her name is Afiya Jackson, and she’s my friend, as well as my partner in marriage. She is a caring, compassionate person with a strong personality, a good heart, and man when I tell you that woman can cook up something, I sincerely mean it! When I was praying for someone to God, I didn’t ask for much, but I think I’ve gopteen a lot more then I believe I deserve. She is the mother of my child, and I admire her for having the strength and the ability to carry that burden of carrying a child for nine months. I say this, but I will never be able to understand the full magnitude of what it takes to have a child. I adore her. She’s the person that I want to grow old with, until God calls one of us home. I pray that we have a happy marriage, as well as a happy family. I do understand that tomorrow has troubles of their own, but I pray that God will prepare me for these things that may try to overcome me. Key word is try. Anyway, at this point I think it’s safe to say that I feel secure now. I know what the future holds for the most part. Anyway, shouts out to soon-to-be Mrs. Kammerer, I love you baby. I think I could sit here all day and talk about her, but that would just annnoy all my readers, so I’ll go on, shal I? So, lagistics. I obtained the license yersterday from the Ouichita perish courthouse, here in Monroe, Louisiana. Ouisiana is the only state that is divided into perishes, as is the rest of the country is divided into counties as far as states are concerned. Now, I say unoficially married because the ceremony had not yet taken place. Louisiana law says that the license will take 72 hours to validate prior to distribution. Therefore, we are having the ceremony at 4 pm this Saturday at our pastor’s house. Can I get a witness? Yeah, I’m all happy and excited; I can’t help it. I appreciate everyone for supporting me through my good and my bad. My friends are my greatest asset. Shouts out also goes to all the girls that let me down and lead me to this point. No, jk jk. Actually, I am still friends with a lot of the girls that I had been in relationships with. That’s how you really know that you love someone, when you remain friends with that person after you break up.

Love all ya’ll.



~ by DJ GFire on January 21, 2010.

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