Firstly, if you’ve ended up here by purpose or by accident, I’d like to welcome you. This is my personal web site, and I definitely have been cleaning it up a showing it a lot more attention over the past two months or so. I guess that’s because there’s a whole lot to write about. I’m a blind father, businessman and brother in Jesus Christ. I pray that my blog reflects him as well as the ideals that he brought us through his word. You’ll see many topics discussed here, from tech to religion, from life to politics. You just never know what you’ll see next. Therefore, keep reading, and keep checking back for more!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Very well written. I like the fact that you do not just write about one thing. Maybe some day I will get to that point myself.

  2. Appreciate it! Yes, I try to keep it diverse. In fact, I’m about to publish something else, so check back soon. I like your blog as well.

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